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Bringing Our Favorite Russian Food To You

Alaskan Dumplings is in Seattle area to serve you all-time favorite authentic Russian dumplings. On top of that, we offer our soups, pies, and desserts, that we love to eat with hot tea.

Our restaurant is conveniently located in a community of Maple Valley. We welcome all the individuals with their friends, families, and loved ones to enjoy our meal. We don't settle. We regularly add new dishes to our menu. Come visit us whenever you're hungry!

Our Restaurant


What we have

Menu can be different depending on time and season


12, 18, or 24 piece servings

Chicken/chicken & pork/beef/beef & pork
potatoes & cheese/potato & mushrooms/potato & cheese with bacon


Complements main dish

Beet Salad - beet, mayonnaise, garlic.
Russian Coleslaw - coleslaw, carrot, parsley, olive oil.
Vegan Beet Salad - potato, carrots, beet, cabbage, vegetable oil.


One standard bowl

Borscht - beef broth, vegetables(potato, coleslaw, carrot, beet).
Chicken Noodle Soup - pasta, chicken, vegetables.


Russian pies

Chicken with beef & pork
Potato & mushrooms
Potato & cheese.


Our Favorite Sweets

Russian Cakes
Walnut Cookies
Russian Tea Cookies


Warm and Cold

Tea & Coffee
Soda & Juices
Draft Beer

Alaska N Dumplings

Local. Fast. Friendly.